Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Still Immersed in Mundane Distraction

Post holiday errands, chores, and confusion have still left me in non-blogging mode.

I'll likely be away from postings for at least another week. Please check out the links to my "Big Rants" or the other site links I've recommended -- or just continue random web surfing and find the sites and expressions that elevate you to higher understanding or pull you down into the depths of chaos and despair.

...I have to get some brief comment in regarding "current events;" Wasn't that nonsense at the U.N. last week pathetic? A budding communist apprentice dictator trying to sell fellow authoritarian anti-Americans on the glories of Noam Chomsky.

-- Classic

Saturday, September 16, 2006


...'Will be away from blog-land for about a week.

For homework. Find something absurd in the daily news (very easy to do) and laugh yourself silly.

-- Promethean Dude


The Socialists' "Vision"

The road to "utopia" is, and always has been, paved with blood.


"I'm not violent and coercive, and if you say I am…I'll cut your head off!"

Isn't it kind of weird that when someone – like the Pope recently – "offends" the religion of nonsense, violence, and coercion (by noting their nonsense, violence, and coercion), the response "across the globe" from Muslims is to deny their nonsense, violence, and coercion…and then act nonsensical, violent, and coercive?

One can complain about medieval witch burnings and present day red-necked country preachers all they want but, for a downright pathetic and dangerous ideology; nothing seems to beat the fools of Islamo-fascist Jihad.

A religion with Islam's record is "offended?" Give me a break.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Word Crimes; Another Fanciful Illusion From Leftland

I'm not the Governor of California so unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger I'm not going to apologize for confirming what he said. As a matter of personal preference, indeed, Cubans and Puerto-Ricans are "very hot."

"Political Correctness" is definitely one of the lamest expressions of the left-wing worldview. It exemplifies its overall phony, insincere, and contrived nature and is just another manifestation of the leftist's need to control all aspects of life down to the very language used in casual conversation.

Anyone who has attended an American School or college has certainly been amused by this trite and pathetic expression of political grandstanding.

The world and humanity is full of diversity, and honest people see and acknowledge the differences that ultimately "spice up" the human condition. If we were to have the "equality" and "proper speech" that left-land would demand of us, we'd all be goose-stepping in blind obedience to the banal insincerities of the shallow demagogue's mind.

For once I'd love to see a politician NOT apologize for expressing the kind of things that are thought and said everyday by normal average people.


The Path to Unsolved Mysteries

I realize its been some time now but, given the controversy over abc's mini-series, "The Path to 9/11," I'm still curious as to why we haven't heard reasons, excuses, or even attempted fabrications as to why high-level Clinton administration official Sandy Berger had walked off with classified documents from the National Archives before testifying at the 9/11 commission (and later claiming he "lost them").

Surely Dan Rather could have found some "official" word processed documents to explain it all to us.

Friday, September 08, 2006


The Politics of Stupid

Free, open, adaptable, and diverse; Western society has produced the most dynamic, prosperous, and advanced conditions of any time or place in human history.

It is realistic and proper to ask how we might help others join in this progress…but, it's stupid to merely ask how we might "redistribute" the products of successful choices and behavior. It's stupider still to demand that those who have produced such bounty be punished for their achievement so that we may all be equally destitute.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Stupid Pet Tricks...and Recruiting Techniques

By now most have read of the American idiot actively involved in Al Queda's new hopes of actually "converting" Americans to Islam -- the religion of piec-es.

Apparently, for some people, simply wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt isn't enough to demonstrate loyalty to authoritarian collectivist ideology. They need that little extra something that a fourteen century old slave-trading warrior "religion" offers.

"We'll cut your head off, fly planes into your buildings, kill random friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Hell, we'll even 'sacrifice' our own followers [!]…, but we really think you may want to convert to our religion."

"We'll send you a brochure, or you can watch a beheading on one of our web sites. Is the little woman acting a bit disrespectful? Perhaps a good stoning is in order. That gay guy singing a few too many show tunes? Clearly, a death sentence is the way to go."

…Backwardness, savagery, force, and violence are something we've become used to from this brigade of maniacs, but now with these latest videos, we must add the trait of simple stupidity.

And bourgeois leftists with trust funds think our worst nightmare is a family of devout Christians going to church every week.

The clown show continues.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Econ -- and human nature -- 101

I wonder why capitalist countries are rich and why ones that become capitalist become rich?

I wonder why socialist countries are relatively (or blatantly) poor or why ones that become socialist become poor?

I wonder why things like telephones, airplanes, I-pods, and DVD's weren't invented in Soviet Russia, Cuba, or North Korea?



The "Hitler" Who Would Oppose Hitler...

"...As veterans, you have seen this kind of enemy before. They are successors to fascists, to Nazis, to communists and other totalitarians of the 20th century. And history shows what the outcome will be. This war will be difficult, this war will be long, and this war will end in the defeat of the terrorists and totalitarians and a victory for the cause of freedom and liberty,..."

Maybe I'm missing something, but this typical statement by President Bush (made recently at the American Legion national convention) just doesn't sound like Hitler to me. As a matter of fact, I'm going to guess that had Bush been president in 1939 he would have opposed Hitler just as he's opposing Islamo-fascism now -- while many intellectuals and "artists" would remind us of totalitarianism's "good points" and our own moral shortcomings (indeed, that actually happend in the 1930's, as it is happening now).

Some things never change.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Peas in a Pod

"…We have the same political vision and will resist together the American imperialist aggressor…"

-- Hugo Chavez, speaking in Syria

Indeed, Syria's national socialist Baath Party and its Islamo-fascist "religion" does essentially hold the same vision as that of Chavez and his Castroite socialist worldview.

Whether Islamic or "regular," Fascism and Communism are two peas in a pod for the glory of an all-powerful state, submission of the individual to cults of personality, and employment venues for men of ruthless ambition and cruelty.

-- Styles of tyranny that only some intellectuals and artists could love.

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